Hello, I’m new here.

Well this will be my first official blog post.. ever. To be honest I’ve been fumbling around with this for about four days now (I’m a little “technically” challenged) but I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of this. My whole world pretty much revolves around my little bug, so prepare to be bombarded by the extreme cuteness that is Noah (I’ll try my best not to go overboard).

Tonight my house was quiet as it usually is on a Sunday night. Laundry was done, the weekend was swept away with all the other crumbs on my kitchen floor and the ‘Weekend To Do List’ was scrapped. Noah enjoyed his hour long bath before we read a pile of books and said our good nights. & as I usually do when the house gets quiet, I sat back and wondered what to do with myself now.

Ive been getting most of my inspiration from bug lately. He’s at this wonderful age where the world is his playground and everything is big, beautiful and exciting. Where he NEEDS to try everything all by himself and he’s more than willing to take a complete leap of faith without having a clue what the outcome may be. He is brave, fierce, and spontaneous. And when I grow up I want to be just like him.

So im making changes in myself and in my life. I’m internally pushing and shoving myself into taking those leaps of faith. I’m forcing myself to be brave. I’m embracing the spontaneous lifestyle of a three year old boy whose best friend is his mommy. Welcome to my journey and the craziness that is our lives. Until next time..

-Sydney Lynn


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